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Freestyle konkurranser 2017

9.16 In case of identical results (equal sum of points earned by two or more Participants) the judges will collegially and democratically decide the winner by presenting constructive arguments.
Same applies to the back lever.
The validity of complaints will be determined by reviewing video materials of performance of the relevant Participants.
Official World Championship equipment will be provided by the company Kenguru Pro.6.4 The time of the competition may be restricted (due to TV broadcasting requirements or other objective reasons).13.7 The Selected Participant will be allowed to come to Moscow and participate in the SW World Championship 2017 only if he has signed a written Participation Contract with the Federation.The season started on ended on This season included six disciplines: moguls, aerials, ski cross, halfpipe, slopestyle and big air.7.2 The maximum performance time given for one Participant in Qualification is two (2) minutes.Mixed combination is accepted only, if at least 2 dynamic and 2 static elements are done within one combination.3.3 Only in an exceptional case and subject to receipt of prior consent from Federation, if it is not possible to organize live a competition due to financial, geographical or other serious reasons or obstacles, wswcf SW National Championship 2017 of the Country may.7.3 The maximum performance time given for one Participant in Final round is three (3) minutes.13.6 The health and travel insurance has to be made by each Selected Participant of the SW World Championship 2017 at his own cost.7.12.5 Any tight-fitting gymnastic suits are not allowed.9.6 If the Participant has shown good quality static and dynamic elements, but no combinations of moves and elements, he may obtain up to 10 points from both the static and dynamic elements judges.This will result in more accurate and objective performance assessment and marks.

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Full results of the Street Workout Freestyle World Championship 2017.After the first round, the best of fifteen (15) male and five (5) female Participants will proceed to the second round.From now on only falling from the bar with both hands or partly falling from the bar, with one hand still attached to the bar, will be considered as failure.By taking participation in the SW World Championship 2017 the Participants irrevocably agree to take, where appropriate, anti-doping tests.9.3 Each judge must use the full range of marks (points) subject to regulations stated below.Vi trekker én vinner i timen* som kan hente sin gratis is på vår stand på Spillexpo.
13.2 Based on SW World Championship 2016 male competition final round, following fifteen (15) Countries have the right to have two (2) Participants in male competitions: Islamic Republic of Iran Republic of Latvia Republic of Bulgaria Kingdom of Spain French Republic The United Kingdom.
Female athletes: Place, name, country, points: round 2 round total lina Sidorenko (Russia),5.Klaudia Gleidurova (Slovakia),5 mona Mateova (Slovakia) 23,5.Dineke Minten (Netherlands).Elena Lyubenova (Bulgaria),.Judit Sziva (Finland) a Depagneux (France) ndra Vazquez (Spain), #wswcf #kengurupro @kenguruprofessional #moscomsport #swwc street workout freestyle world.